Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Medical clinic news and fire update


Hope you are enjoying your summer. I wanted to send out some updates as some of you have been asking about the Cariboo forest fires near 100 Mile House and Ashcroft. The estimate for 100 Mile House is over 5000 hectares now and Ashcroft's forest fire is estimated at 7,300 hectares. Our friends are still under evacuation orders. The news says there are over 14,000 evacuees now. There are also reports of people north of 108 Mile that are trapped between fires, as the areas south and north are engulfed. Please keep praying for our friends, firefighters and other people in the area, especially for the ones trapped between fires. Kathy, one of our friends from 100 Mile House said the winds were the biggest problem today. Please pray for God's mercy. God can move fire just as he can mountains. Thank you so very much for your prayers.

Our latest news is that we are currently remodeling our medical clinic in Marose. We are very excited as we are nearing completion of the medical clinic remodel. In the past we had a waiting room, an exam room, one bathroom, doctors office and a pharmacy. With the current remodel we will now have a larger waiting room, 5 exams rooms, 2 bathrooms, a director's office, a pharmacy, a depot  and a brand new laboratory. We are so excited to be able to offer a laboratory to the community. It is a huge need here in Marose. We are hoping to have our grand opening in early September.

We would love to have a medical team come for the grand opening. We would like to offer some health education classes and have outreaches to some of our other communities, especially those in the mountains who have no access to medical help. Let us know if you are interested personally or if you know of a medical group that would like to come. We would love to partner with you.


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