Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Hope you are enjoying your summer so far. I have heard that some of you are experiencing some very nice summer weather. We have been having temperatures in the 90's also, the difference is the humidity, today the humidity is 65%. Just a bit much, I have given into the fact that I am going to be covered in sweat no matter what :)

Thank you so much for your prayers for the crusade, many were saved and many were healed. God was obviously moving among the people. It was very refreshing. 

I am writing today to ask for pray. We are holding a 3 day conference for our pastors and leaders. We have also invited pastors from the surrounding villages. Mike teaches a conference every Saturday morning for our pastors and leaders of about 30, but this conference is significant in a few different ways. There will be over 100 in attendance. He will be teaching in a way that will be challenging the norm in the church of Haiti.

Western culture has pretty much trained the church of Haiti to sit and listen and be entertained, and then go back to their regular lives. He will be challenging them to apply what they are being taught. To live it out on a daily basis. 

He will be trying to teach on basic concepts of a life giving church. Here in Haiti, not a whole lot different from many churches in western culture, once you accept Christ, grace is replaced with man's rules and regulations. So he will be teaching on grace being the most important. On the idea, that to obey without love gives poor results, because it is with human power, but if you are saved by grace and learn to have a personal relationship with Jesus then those that love Jesus will obey out of that love and the fruit will come.

The western culture has also taught many in Haiti that they are the ones to be reached out to, that they are not the ones who are supposed to be reaching out to others. We have had significant break through in this area in our ministry, but it will be a new concept for many others. It is a thought process that is part of oppression. 

In all of this we are not trying to change the church to be like a Canadian or American church. With our limited perspective we are trying to call the church back to a more biblical perspective.
One that has a living, breathing, loving, action filled relationship with Christ. We believe God has created everyone for a purpose. That the Haitian church will and should look and sound different. But there are basic beliefs and actions that are Christ centered and should be part of each cultural.

Please pray with us that God open eyes, ears, minds and hearts. That the teaching that is of him remains and the rest falls away. That His most perfect will is done. That Haiti chooses to grow in Christ according to His will and purpose. Thank you for helping to move mountains and kingdoms.


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