Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It's been a while since I have sent a prayer partner out. We have a lot of things happening right now. So I will try to keep it to Badjo and send out another prayer partner in a few days. 

God is amazing, since the accident in Badjo killing so many people He has opened up so many doors. We feel called to build a church and a school for the community of Badjo, as there is neither. We have found 2 small pieces of land right next to each other and have purchased them. One of the pieces of land is the same land we held the crusade on. We will be having a celebration on the land July 2nd, complete with driving a stake in the ground claiming the land for Christ. We have been praying about who could lead and pastor this group. And God has answered. One of the leaders from our nearby Debarriers church has come forward and said he believes God is calling him to lead this new church. This is so exciting, as we have watched him thinking he is ready to be called to serve a church and with out us asking he has come to Nathan and Mike and volunteered. His is a very faithful, prayer warrior and will be such an asset to the kingdom in Badjo, he believes he has found his purpose and we believe him. His name is Antonio, please pray for him, as voodoo has a very strong hold in Badjo, he will face lots of battles along with us. 

It is so amazing to watch God as He fits the puzzle pieces together in our lives. If you remember just after the accident we shared a story of a major witch doctor who saw Jesus as the bus was plowing through the crowd killing people. Well we found out that a broker for voodoo travelers from North America and a few other countries had approached her a while back and told her that she would get her a visa to travel to America so that she could meet with witch doctors there. Then the accident happened and she gave her life to the Lord. After a bit her visa came through. At the same time word about her salvation got back to her brother who had been a witch doctor and now is a Christian and lives in  America. He called her and said he had heard she gave her life to God and he asked her to come visit him for a month so that he could help her spiritually. So she used the visa for God's work instead of satan's. HOW COOL IS THAT! GOD KNEW HOW THE VISA WAS GOING TO BE USED ALL ALONG! 

Tomorrow we are fasting for Badjo, would you consider fasting and praying with us. Helping to move the kingdom forward in Badjo. 

Please remember to pray for Antonio, Janette(the previous witch doctor) and for the establishment of a church and school.

P.S. We are in the beginning of a crusade in Pouteou, one of our communities next to Badjo, please pray for hearts to be opened, we had 7 salvation's Sunday night. Nathan is leading worship most of the week and Mike will be preaching on Thursday and Sunday evening. Thank you so much.


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