Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I was going to write this later in the week because I just sent out a prayer partner tonight, but I am too excited to wait, so you will get two prayer partners tonight. I hope you read both of them.

Tonight Mike went to the Marose church to teach bible study. It was blustery and starting to sprinkle. Because everyone has to walk to church, rain usually means no church, except in Pass Rein. So Claudy said, Mike probably no one will come you might as well go home. Mike looked into the church and said "well there are youth here so I will wait and see" he felt like God told him to not preach the message he had prepared, but instead to explain the gospel very simply for the youth. The average church in Haiti is so focused on rules and traditions that he felt like he should share with the youth the essential importance of a personal relationship with Jesus. After he finished talking for about an hour he told them they could ask questions, which they did for about 1/2 an hour. Mike said he felt a real move of the Holy Spirit. Then he asked if any of the youth wanted to commit their lives to Jesus and 12 youth from our children's village came forward and said they wanted to commit their lives to Jesus. It makes me so excited, these kids were really getting it. Please pray for them, because Haiti is such a hard place to grow up in, there is so much sin and deception.

Blessings, Chris

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