Monday, June 27, 2016

A fun story with a SURPRISE ending :)

Hope your day is going well. I wanted to share a fun story with you. This story has a surprise ending, literally :)

Mike tells everyone both in Haiti, the US and Canada, that we come along side of the Haitian people helping them to help themselves. In Haiti we are the only non Haitians in the ministry and we do not run anything, but truly just come along side to help and teach. We call the Children's Village, our schools, the medical clinic and our churches "life giving". And yesterday God must have been laughing to himself and saying I will show them a "life giving" experience. 

So the story begins in Perou, one of the villages we work in. A young couple came to Nathan and said they were in a serious relationship and that they wanted to get married. Marriage is not common in Haiti, but it is something that people are choosing after they receive salvation and see that marriage is God's plan for the family. After meeting with them a couple of times, they revealed that the girl was pregnant. Nathan advised them, that it would be best if they could have the wedding before the baby was born. They agreed and the wedding was planned. So, yesterday the couple came to our tent/church for their marriage ceremony. They began the wedding, but part way into the ceremony the girl started having contractions. After a bit it became obvious she was in labor. The couple said they wanted to continue the ceremony. By the time the ceremony was finished she was in the last stages of labor and was not able to leave the church. She had the baby 15 minutes after the marriage ceremony in the church. She had a baby girl. And, I can just see God smiling down and saying something like "that is life giving". God has a sense of humor :) What a day and what a memory. Please continue to hold them up in prayer as they begin a new chapter in their lives. 

We have a team traveling to Haiti tonight and tomorrow, please keep them in your prayers. They will be here for 14 days. 


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