Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hello again,
I wanted to share some more stories with you. I also wanted to let you know that I posted some photos of Nathan in Whistler seeing snow for the first time, he also rode an open chair lift to the top of a huge mountain, another first for him :) You will need to scroll part way down the blog page to see the photos.

I also just posted some photos of a Baptism in Pass Rein. It continues to amaze me that God is still choosing to show up in Pass Rein and bring salvation. This past Sunday we had three more salvations. One of the men came forward with his wife and daughter and asked to be baptized. Pass Rein is still my favorite church to go to, they are so on fire for God. There also never was a church in the area of DeForce, Pass Rein before, so the church has no people in it who have preconceived ideas about how church should look, which I find so refreshing  When Mike and Nathan are gone that is where I choose to go, otherwise we go as a family to whichever church Mike is preaching at.  In Pass Rein they always worship with their whole heart and it feels like family, they always want prayer ministry afterwards, they are so open to kingdom ways, and have such faith.

The story I wanted to share is about the faith of a little girl in one of our Awana programs. For those of you that do not know what Awana's is, it is a international children's program for youth, they memorize verses, play games and learn about Jesus. Mike and a dear friend of ours, Gene Mulder, who has since gone to be with the Lord were instrumental in bringing the Awana program to Haiti. The little girls parents were not Christians at the time. She apparently became very sick and her parents were afraid for her life. They discussed taking her to a witch doctor to help her, which is very common among the poor. She said "no, I can't go to a witch doctor, I have given my life to Jesus and I trust him to heal me". The father could not believe that his daughter had such a strong faith as to refuse to obey him. He said he wanted to find out why she had such a strong faith, and so the whole family went to talk to the Awana leaders and the leaders explained the gospel to them and the whole family gave their lives to the Lord and the little girl was healed. God is so gracious and amazing. He honored her faith in Him. Thank you for coming along side of us and helping us to help the people of Haiti. 


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