Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Hope you are doing well, school is almost finished and summer is beginning. Usually I share the stories and Mike the information, but this time Mike wanted to share the story so I will share the information. 

Over the past 9 years our home mailing address or the ministry's P O Box address was okay to use. In the beginning we lived in our home in Washington obviously, then Dustin and Melissa lived in our home for the first 2 1/2 years after we moved to Haiti. Recently they have moved into their own home and another son and his family have moved in to our home. With so many address changes in the last 3 1/2 years we are finding the need to ask everyone to either pay online or mail your donations to our P O Box in Lynden. 

The address being: New Generation Ministries
                                PO Box 42
                                Lynden, WA. 98264. 

For our Canadian sponsors, Wendy and Gary have just sold their house YEAH! The selling of their home will also bring about address changes, so if would be best for Canadian Sponsors to use the Canadian P O Box.

The Canadian  P O Box is: New Generation Haiti
                                            P O Box 144
                                            Milner, BC V0X1T0

Thank you so much for your help. Remember to check the address of any checks mailed online from your bank also.

And now for the story via Mike :)

It is such an amazing privilege that God lets us come along side him and experience the miraculous work that he does. We find it even more amazing that he in his generosity lets us also see the fruit of it.
   It is like a little boy who's dad says to him, come with me to work in the fields today son. I'll let you sit on my lap and drive the big tractor. At the end of the day he looks over the huge freshly planted field and says, " wow. I did all that?" Yes, son we did all that....
   We are very much aware of so many dedicated and hard working missionaries that see little or no fruit in their lifetime. They are investing in following generations.  
     .....GOD IS SO GOOD TO US....
Some of the people up at Pass Rien caught wind of a plan by a group of witch doctors who were unhappy at the advancement of the Kingdom of God and the miraculous transformation taking place up there. So the people of Pass Rein began to pray..... 
    A few nights ago when no-one was around these witch doctors came and set up shop in front of the tent we use for church, to send out demons and cast spells on the church. As they began their incantations the tent started glowing. Lights from inside the tent began to show so brightly that the witch doctors were scared to death and gathered their stuff and ran as fast as they could. The next morning the whole village was buzzing with the hilarious reports of how these witch doctors were no match for God's power......
Praise God who is all powerful!

Thank you sooo very much for your faithful prayers, without them we would not be able to move forward.

Mike and Chris

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