Saturday, October 17, 2015


We wanted to write and share with you that the Children’s Village has been blessed with a new playground. We have had a team here building the playground for the past 5 days. The playground has been built in honor of the memory of Trisha and her son Fletcher. Trisha’s mother was part of the group who was able to come to Haiti to see the playground being built. Part of honoring Trisha was to put stamped dragonflies into the concrete because she loved them. As they were finishing up the last details dozens of swarms of dragonflies flew over the playground, as if God were honoring the tribute to Trisha and Fletcher. When it was finished, Nathan asked the children to come to the playground and he shared with them that the playground was built as a tribute to Trisha and Fletcher. Trisha’s mother also shared her heart with the children. Then they worshiped together and prayed over the playground. It was very moving.Today the children were really enjoying the playground. It is beautiful, you should see it. So I will post photos. 

One of the girls on the trip (a granddaughter) choose to raise funds to purchase backpacks and school supplies for her Senior Project. She raised enough funds to purchase a backpack for each one of the children in the children's village. The children were thrilled to receive the new back packs with the school supplies.

Once again, thank you for your faithful prayers, we depend on them.


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