Monday, October 12, 2015


After a huge undertaking School is well under way here in Haiti just as it is in Canada and the US. It is amazing how much there is to do, to help over 1300 children get ready to start school. There are teachers to hire and train, classrooms to expand, books and uniforms to purchase, photos to be taken of each child for sponsoring. Then for the children in the orphanage there are additional needs like black school shoes, barrettes and hair ribbons to match their school uniforms (all barrettes and ribbons have to match school uniforms in a country that cannot afford education, go figure). All has been accomplished now and school has been started. It sometimes seems so impossible this time of year but, we have always strongly believed that “Education” is the best way to help the people of Haiti rise above the oppression that has held them in poverty, illiteracy and unemployment for generations. We believe there are two important ways education helps.The first is the education of the soul and heart through the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The second is the education of the mind in adults and children at the Primary, Secondary and University levels. And so in spite of the hardships of starting up school each September we know it is one of the keys to freedom for the Haitian people.

Mary and Ian have taken photos of most of the school children for us and the children are ready to be sponsored. We have a new sponsor software set up on our website that is easy and safe to use. Because our schools have grown from 700 children to 1300 in the last two years we have a huge need to have children sponsored. We have children of all ages available. Would you please prayerfully consider helping to change the life of a child and their family? You could make all the difference, it is only $30 per month and provides so much. Thank you ahead of time for choosing to bless the children.

This past week Mike and I were blessed to be asked to pray for each of the children at the different schools. Please remember the children in your prayers.

A few days ago I was able to purchase a pallet of used clothing here in Haiti for the children in our Children's village. I bundled a couple of outfits up for each child and had fun passing them out. Mary helped me give them out to each child and Ian took photos. 

We would really like to thank you for your faithful prayers. You have been helping to move mountains this past month.


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