Sunday, October 11, 2015

Radio Bon Berger 106.1 FM


We wanted to share some very exciting news with you. For years Nathan has wanted to have a Christian radio station to share about Jesus. When Mike and I began to minister along with Nathan, we too thought it would be a great idea. With so much on our plate so to speak, a Christian radio station was a far off dream, of our leaders in Pass Rein shared the dream of a Christian radio station. He along with one other leader began trying to make the dream a reality. They began with miscellaneous equipment they scrounged for and started to broadcast out of the closet in our Pass Rein school director's office. Then they began to remodel a small hut on our school property. Last night we had a celebration for the grand opening of Radio Bon Berger, 106.1 FM Stereo broadcasting out of Pass Rein. They play Christian music and have Christian talk shows where people can call in and ask questions. They have already had over 200 people call in to ask questions.They have visited these people and brought over 40 people to the Lord.
Pass Rein is a mountain village, so it is a perfect height to broadcast from. We have reports of people as far 1 1/2 hours northwest of Pass Rein clearly hearing the gospel on their station. We have been told by people in the north part of Gonaives and in Perou, Poteou, Marotte, Marose and Gross Morne that they can hear it. They are now working on a better tower so that they can broadcast all the way north to Cap-Haitian, Haiti's second largest city. God's dream is becoming so much bigger than ours. God is so amazing, he just keeps birthing the next thing He wants in this ministry faster than we could ever plan it. Please keep the radio station in your prayers, it has the potential of reaching so many more people for Jesus.


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