Sunday, October 18, 2015


Hope you are enjoying the cooler weather, we have yet to have a break from the heat, it still feels like summer here. I am missing the blustery fall weather.

Friday we had the privilege of having one of our friends Margie visit. Margie is an educator who also lives and ministers in Haiti. She has experience working with children who struggle in school. A little while ago she expressed interest in teaching some of the educational "tools" she uses to our teachers. This is an area that has been on my heart for many years. So Saturday we held a teachers conference. Margie has two Haitian friends who are educators that also have experience working with students that need a different approach to being schooled and the three of them each took turns teaching and sharing their experiences. Part way through the conference we prayed over each teacher individually. It was very refreshing for me as I watched the reception of our teachers to some of the new concepts they were being taught. In Haiti they teach using rote memorization, which covers only one learning style. Margie and her friends shared from real life experiences and gave examples of how to apply it to the teacher's classroom situations. The teachers in the conference engaged with what was being shared, we are so excited to see what God has in store for the coming days, weeks and months. Please join us in praying for the future education of these children.


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