Thursday, June 4, 2015

A tribute to Rebecca

I would like to take a just minute of your time to give a much needed tribute and to sincerely appreciate someone who has been an instrumental factor in our ministry here in Haiti. Our daughter Rebecca. Even from childhood Rebecca has always been a very determined and purposeful force for whatever she puts her mind and heart towards.  Haiti has definitely been her sincere passion for the past 7 years.  She joined us on many of our earliest trips to Haiti, when we were just trying to get things established and build some positive relationships. Her heart for the people of Haiti grew very quickly.
Rebecca was instrumental in the beginning revival movement of God in Pass Rien. She established a powerful and dynamic women’s ministry in a country where women are not considered to be ministry worthy. Time and time again we saw the power of the Holy Spirit working in miraculous ways with these dear women. Her inductive Bible studies were a cultural breakthrough for the women of Haiti. Setting them free to read and study the word of God for themselves. Healings and deliverances were a common occurrence among them. Rebecca set in place women’s ministry leaders in our Life-Giving churches. Her leaders loved her and were always asking for her, and still are. Some of my best memories are of Rebecca and I baptizing many women and youth together in the rivers of these villages.
   Rebecca was also instrumental in establishing a transitional ministry for aging out orphans. She has travelled the world and seen firsthand the destruction of young people when they are put out onto the streets before they are able to support themselves in a healthy way. Rebecca was determined to create a better way, with real Life-Giving opportunities for these kids that we have invested so much in at the orphanage. A year ago her and her supportive husband Andrew bought a house in Gonaives about 15 minutes from the orphanage for the very purpose of ministering to these older boys aging out of the orphanage. Integrating these boys into a family atmosphere where they will continue their education, gain much needed life skills, and find an identity in Christ that will sustain them for all eternity.
  As with all great “doers of the word” successful ministry comes with a heavy cost. Haiti was very hard on Rebecca. She was sick much of the time she was here, and being apart from her family took a great toll. In December Rebecca made a healthy and wise decision to return to America, and spend time at home with her family, directing her passion to rebuilding what God gave her first. Her personal relationship with Him, her health, and her family. Andrew and Rebecca have very generously donated their house to insure that her “Ministry Continues.” And it will. God used Rebecca in a mighty way, and we pay tribute to her for that. We join together in prayer for her and her family, for all that she has given to advance the Kingdom of God in Haiti………
Bless you Becca, We love you……..

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