Friday, June 19, 2015


Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. It has been beautiful here in Haiti. The past couple of weeks it has been in the 90's during the day and then it has rained during some of the evenings. I love the rain, I grew up in Seattle, what can I say. The rain seems to freshen the air and bring life to the plants. At first some of my children here laughed at me when I said I could smell the rain coming. Now they are beginning to smell it too :) I can actually smell the wet soil coming with the wind, and I love it. We can hear toads, and see dragon flies, both of which also love the rain. Glimpses of beauty in a dry and parched land. God is good.

Our mattress team here in Haiti has made about 1/3 of our new mattresses for the children. I will post some more photos on the blog. We are excited to get them. It has been a blessing to the men making them and will be a blessing to the children when they receive them. Thank you so very much to each of you that contributed to the new mattresses.

We just finished up this week in our schools. 11 of the children in our Children's village have passed the 6th grade national examination. There are almost 60 children that have passed the national examination in all of our schools put together. We are so proud of them. Statistics say that  60% of Haitians never get further then the 6th grade. Which is why we believe education is so important here in Haiti.
We have another older boy who will be aging out of the Children's Village and moving into the transitional home with us. This transitional home provides aging out young adults with the ability to continue their education and learn life skills, even though the government says they are too old to continue living in an orphanage after they turn 18. We are trying to help them obtain the skills needed to take care of themselves, their families and be instrumental in the future of Haiti. Bazelais will be joining us tomorrow afternoon. We would appreciate prayers for him and our family as he adjusts to living here. 

On Wednesday we have a team coming from Anacortes. We are excited to see them. Part of the team has been here a few times. Please pray for safe travel for them. Their team will overlap two different revivals while they are here. The first one starts this Sunday in Pass Rein and will last one week. The team will have an opportunity to participate in both of the revivals. The second revival will start Sunday July 5th in the village of Myan, which is between Marose and Gonaive. 

We still have a few children that need to be sponsored. Sponsorship is $30 per month. We really want to help these children, but we can not do so with out your coming along side and helping us to. Please contact me if you are able to help one of these precious children. Thank you so much.


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