Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hope all of you are enjoying the first few days of June and summer. We have had a lot of new things happening. 
When I wrote last, Mike was getting ready to fly to the Orphan Summit, and then on to our annual fundraiser. He is now back home in Haiti. Our annual fundraiser was a very successful and enjoyable evening. Our Canadian appreciation evening was a wonderful event also. Thank you to all who attended these events. We are so thankful for all the wonderful family and friends who helped to put the two evenings together.

A few days after Mike returned, we had a visit from our South Carolina team. This team is primarily made up of preachers and they preached at our pastors conference, youth conference and at 5 of our 6 churches. They nearly preached around the clock. They had a great trip, I will post some photos of their team on the blog. 

One of the items we are excited about is we have a team of Haitians making new mattresses for all of the children in the Children's Village, and each of the mama's (nanny's). We will post photos of the progress as we go. They are being made in locally here in Gonaives, it is so fun to be able to bless young businesses with orders big enough they need to hire other local people to help with the work. I will also post some photos on the blog of the team beginning to work on the mattresses.

Last Friday night we had an all night prayer and worship celebration at the location of a new church plant for us. Please pray for direction of this plant over the summer. 

Near the end of this month we have a team coming from Anacortes, please pray for them as they prepare for their trip. We also have a couple named Mary and Ian who will be arriving with the team, but they will be staying for 4 to 6 months. Please also pray for them as they prepare to come along side of this ministry. Pray for direction, adjustment and the cultural differences they will experience.

Please also pray for us. We have had no power in our home in Gonaives for a month now. Which effects almost everything, from food storage, to pumping water, and functioning in the evening, even something as simple, but important as charging our phones for communication. We bought a used generator, but the cost of gas is around $5 a gallon. So we try to not to use it. It affects the internet  which requires power to run the router. Also people cut the line for the internet weekly thinking they are cutting into the power line to take power. We have been told by the power company that they are not going to repair the line or the transformer for our street. So please, pray for discernment on how we can solve this problem.

Thank you for hanging in with us as we minister in Haiti. We really, really could not come along side of the Haitians with out your help.


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