Monday, June 29, 2015


We wanted to send you an update on the team here in Haiti. The team arrived safe and sound, thank you so much for your prayers.  They are doing great. They arrived on Wednesday the 24th. 

The team went to the revival in Pass Rein Thursday night.The revival has been a lot of fun. Pass Rein loves to worship. There has been prayer ministry and salvation's this week.

Saturday morning the team started off by sharing at the pastor's conference. Then part of the team played with some of the children from the  Children's Village in our play and prayer room. In the afternoon we attended a baptism in Pass Rein. The baptism took place in front of a small waterfall. There were some interested observers from above the waterfall and when we were finished baptizing, one of the young adult men observing said "is there any reason why I should not be baptized today?" Pastor Nathan said no reason, but first you need to accept Jesus into your life. So Joel, one of our church leaders explained the gospel to him and then led him in a prayer to accept Jesus. Then he was baptized by Pastor Nathan, Pastor Rusty and Mike. God's timing is just amazing. He was at church the following morning, along with the others who were baptized.

Saturday evening Pastor Rusty preached and shared a physical example with the people at Pass rein. They loved it. The example was shared again by Nathan on Sunday morning.

Mike preached Sunday morning in Pass Rein. Then Nathan did an interesting thing with the giving. He created a competition between the women and the men by challenging them to out give each other. So the giving was put into two separate baskets. It was hilarious watching them try to out give each other. By the end of the morning the women had won and Nathan said the challenge would continue again that evening. 
In the evening not only did the challenge continue and become even more competitive, but as some of the groups came up to sing for the church he interrupted and asked the congregation if they wanted to pay for the different singers to not sing. It was so funny watching as people reacted spontaneously, people paying for their friends to not sing and then the reaction as the singers realized they were out of the singing group because someone had paid them to not sing. It was one of the most fun giving ideas I have seen. So much friendly teasing interaction. It was such a blessing watch them interact as a community that loves each other. By the end of the night the men had won the challenge.

After church in Pass Rien Sunday morning, we went to the Poteau church. After praying for people in the church, one of the team members was able to meet the child they sponsor from the Poteau school. It was a pretty special meeting :)

This morning, Monday, the team visited the medical clinic and then spent time with the children in the Children's Village. Tomorrow they will be spending time in Gonaive, visiting the market, some historical landmarks and the older boys transitional home where we now live.

Please pray for the team on Wednesday, as they will be climbing Prayer Mountain and putting up one of our large white crosses that will be seen from the village in Poteau and from the main road to Cap Haitian. It is a large white steel cross, the cross in Marose on the mountain behind the Children's Village was wooden and needed to be replaced with a steel one, which will last much longer. We are in the process of replacing the wooden crosses in each of our other villages as they do not hold up in the humidity here. This requires the crosses, which are very heavy to be carried up the mountains, along with the post hole digger, cement, gravel, sand and water to set them with. So prayer would be much appreciated. 

Again thank you so very much for your faithful prayers.


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