Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We wanted to let you know that our January team travels home tomorrow (Wednesday). They will be leaving about 6:00 AM. Please pray for safe travel. I have posted photos on the blog of some of the activities they have participated in. They have been a huge blessing. 


  Friends: We wanted to give you a quick up-date on our container loading for our Christmas Giving to the Good Shepherd Children's Village in Haiti. The loading has begun and several of you have responded generously with donations of items that you have collected or had around the house or work place. Some of you have contributed towards the purchase cost of items or the shipping cost to get these needed supplies to our Children s Village. We are so very thankful for your help. There are still a lot of items needed. We would like to fill this container by mid February in order to get it on the boat. 
   Please prayerfully consider this up-dated attached list of items. I'm sure that this list will have a way in which you can help us. Most of these supplies are very hard to get in Haiti. Some are just too expensive for us to buy. Some of these items are saving the lives of children daily. Please consider how you can help them. Please feel free to respond to us with your questions.


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