Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Years! Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas. We have really enjoyed being able to see family and friends. Christmas is my favorite holiday for all kinds of reasons. 

Last Sunday Mike was privileged to preach for Cooks Hill Community Church, where some good friends attend. We enjoyed staying over in their home and seeing friends who have been to Haiti with us.

This Sunday Mike has been asked to preach at Sonrise Baptist Church. This is where one of our son's and his wife attend. It is also the church where many of our children attended the Awana program. We are excited to be able to visit there. Please pray for Mike as he preaches. 

God has continued to move in Haiti. During the revival in Marose the past couple of weeks, God strongly moved in the hearts of the teens and those in their early twenties. All together there were almost 40 salvations. There were also many healings. 

Our daughter Rebecca has been teaching the women inductive and deductive bible study in the village of Marose. She also has been teaching the women in the other villages. It is amazing to watch the transformation. Becca has also been spending time with the youth in Marose and she has been teaching them as well. The youth group is growing and so is their hunger and thirst for understanding. This is amazing as the youth in Haiti is so vulnerable, even more so in Haiti then in North America. Most have little or no education and with unemployment around 80%, most have no hope. God is changing that. We believe that the next generation in Haiti will make a difference. 

One of the stories from the revival in Marose involves a small boy who is 8 years old. He was born deaf and has never been able to hear at all. In Haiti there are not facilities to help a family with a child who has disabilities. This family heard that a revival was happening and brought him to church, fully EXPECTING God to heal him. They brought him forward for prayer and God DID heal him! He hears now and is beginning to speak! It has caused quite a stir in Marose and has built faith. The whole community has known this little boy all his life. They knew he could not hear at all and now he can hear! It has taken faith stories from someone else's story, to a reality, because he stands in front of them. He is in their midst. They cannot deny that God has healed him. This is changing lives. It has changed his life. It has changed his family's life. And it is changing the lives of others in the community. It has shown them that God is alive, he cares, he sees, he heals, and he loves.  

We pray this story and others build your faith also. We pray that you begin to EXPECT God to show up. We pray that you begin to EXPECT God to move.


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