Sunday, January 26, 2014


Just sending an update on what is happening here.  The team has been great. Yesterday we painted the church Nathan's grandparents attended when they were young. The team jumped right in to help with the painting. We were out numbered by community members wanting to help. The neighbors made Haitian coffee for us and even a meal. Haitian coffee is grown here and made with about 1/3 coffee, 1/3 sugar and 1/3 sweetened condensed milk. It is really good, but not so good for you :)  It was nice to be working side by side with everyone. Times like these are little glimpses of heaven. I believe God's heart is for all of us, regardless of nationality or age, to be joined together in all we do. Whether it is play, work or worship. 

Yesterday Monique and Kacie did some more VBS with the younger children. They used a small potters wheel they brought. It was a great teaching. 

Greg and Mac have spent a lot of time with the middle age and oldest boys, one on one time, talking about life and perspectives.
We appreciate the time they have poured into the boys.

Today was a very full day. We really appreciated your prayers. We started with church at 7:00 in the morning in Pass Rien. Mike taught and Nathan led worship. Many came forward for prayer. We also had one salvation. We then headed for church in Marose. On the way we had a flat tire. Mike was supposed to be teaching, so we sent him ahead, along with one of the translators. Then we sent the tire in the opposite direction to be repaired. The rest of us stayed with the truck  until the tire was fixed and put back on the truck. We arrived at the church as Mike was finishing up, just in time to pray for people. Later in the afternoon we went to our church in Marotte. They were having a celebration and had asked Mike to come and speak. It was very good. They had 5 different groups share songs. One of them consisted mostly of men and another one was all men. These two groups were excellent. They sang acapella, with very rich, deep voices. Again many came forward for prayer and there were two more salvations. It was a very full, very good day. 

Tomorrow Kacie, Monique and Becca will be going to Pass Rien to teach the women from both Pass Rien and Poteou. Please be praying for them and the women. We will try and get photos of the sewing machine class tomorrow in Pass Rien also. 

We have shared with you in the past about starting a market place. I wanted to give you an update. Andy taught business classes again while he was here. And our oldest son Steven has designed a logo for the market. We have shade cloth for the covering over the market place. We are now working on putting together an association for the market place. We would love prayer towards this venture. Prayer for a good solid foundation, prayer for a good model and prayer for the pieces of the puzzle to all to come together. 
Rose one of our prayer partners shared with us about a blessing she was part of, I would like to share it with you also. She writes....

Wanted to share a blessing I received today.
Went to Fred Meyer to get some twin sheets that were on sale $3.99.
So I bought several sets and put them up on the checkout belt. Of course when  you have a lot of one unusual item, the clerk comments so I explained they were going to Haiti to an orphanage. She was appreciative of the effort but was blessed when the lady in line behind me gave me a $20 bill to help with expenses of shipping.
That $20 was easily worth many times more to me to have a complete stranger validate what my heart does. Thank you, Jesus 

Thanks again for your prayers. We really appreciate them very much.

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