Friday, January 24, 2014

We have had a series of small teams this month. The teams are all doing well. Deena, Rick and Andy are safely home. Greg and Mac are still with us, as are Becca and Felice. Also Kacie and Monique have joined us in the Children's village. 

Greg and Mac have been working on various tile projects through out the orphanage. They tiled a table our welder made for the lunch room. It will be big enough for the cooks to serve all of the children's dishes on. They are also tiling a new vanity for the medical clinic bathroom. 

Kacie and Monique have been teaching their own version of VBS. Kacie teaches doctrine classes for children and teens at her church. They have a huge heart for the children. 

The children have been so blessed this month. Because of all the small teams who have come and gone, the children have had team members all month spending time with them. 

Thank you for praying for me last Sunday as I gave the message at church. It was stretching for me to speak in front of that many people, especially trying to connect culturally.  

Monday, Andy, Rick, Deena, Becca, Felice, Greg and Mac went with us to photograph the school children in Perou. This was very helpful, we needed to get updated photos of the children. It is quite a few hours worth of work, even with more than one camera.

This morning, Greg, Mac, Becca, Kacie, Monique and Mike hiked up Prayer Mountain. It is a mountain between Poteau and Pass Rien. Many people hike to the top to spend time in prayer for Haiti. In the afternoon Greg and Mac took some of the children swimming in the river. It is a great way to spend time with them. 

Tomorrow we will be painting a church in the community of Poteau. It is the church that Nathan's grandparents attended when they were very young. Nathan felt like this was a community outreach project. Please pray that we are a good witness to the community. 

Please pray for Mike this coming Sunday. He will be starting the day out early, preaching in Pass Rein. The whole team will then go to Marose where he will preach again. Then in the afternoon He will be preaching at Marotte during a special anniversary celebration. It will be a busy day.
Monday and again on Wednesday Kacie, Monique and Becca will be teaching the women how to do inductive and deductive bible study. Please pray for them also.

I guess that is all for now. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers.


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