Sunday, February 3, 2013

The team had a good day today. Thank you so much for your prayers. They went to church in Marose. A lot of people came forward to be filled with the Holy Spirit during church. Two friends from another ministry came to church also. Nathan preached up in Pass Rien, where there were 5 more salvation's between the morning and evening service. That makes about 20 new believers in Pass Rien this week alone. Nathan also held a meeting for the older youth in the village to see how many would be interested in forming a youth group. 35 youth showed up. So we will try and start a youth group in Pass Rien.
In the afternoon the team spent time praying over some of the children individually. After that Jay did a Goliath skit, which the children loved. The team also said their goodbye's to the staff and children. They will leave for Port-au-Prince around 5:30 tomorrow morning.
Betsy, one of our nurses, who is also one of Nathan's sisters is engaged. She will be married in March. Everyone is very excited for her. Her husband just graduated as an accountant. They will live in Marose and she will still be one of the nurses in our clinic.
Please pray for the team as they travel home, for safety and for on time connections.
Thanks and Blessings,

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