Friday, February 15, 2013

I wanted to update you a bit on what has been going on in Haiti. The second half of the roof has finally been poured over the rooms we will be living in. We will be in the last part of the children's village to be completed. We were hoping that the roof would already be finished when the team arrived in January. But I guess we also need to learn to be patient. In Haiti relationship is way more important than the task, which is something we have out of balance in the US and Canada. It will be one of those stretching and growing things we find as we live in Haiti. Greg and Mike have been waiting for our containers to arrive to the children's village. One of the containers arrived in Haiti just before Christmas. In Haiti they take the American holidays and the Haitian holidays. So between Christmas, New Years and Carnival week, our containers have been sitting and waiting. One of the containers is full of food and the other container is mixed supplies for the children's village, schools and churches. This last container also has some building supplies needed to finish the rooms we will be staying in. So we would appreciate your prayers in getting it off the docks and up to the children's village. Please also pray for the food container to be released. We have been told the containers might be available Friday or Saturday.
Greg and Mike built removable goal posts for the soccer field next to the children's village. They have also been working on the playground. They are adding a fireman's pole and a rope climb. They have also been doing maintenance around the children's village.
God is still moving powerfully in Pass Rein. One night this past week when Greg, Mike and Laura went up for an all night celebration service, they had 6 salvation's and 6 women who were practising voodoo, denounce it and choose God. Also women came forward for healing who had been molested and abused and three came forward to be set free from demons. They were there until 5:30 the next morning. Praise God for healing and setting these women free. God is so Good !!!!!!
Today a group called teen challenge will be coming to stay a couple of days at the children's village. There will be a youth group meeting tonight and youth will be coming from all the surrounding communities. The teen challenge group will be sharing their testimonies and worshiping with the Haitian youth. Please pray that God moves among the youth from both cultures.
Please continue to pray for our family as we prepare to move the children and I to Haiti. I am still trying to finish up probate and my father's estate, plus finish up packing and all the details involved with an international move. I truly cherish your prayers for strength, endurance, wisdom and discernment. Also for help in putting people ahead of the task. Thank you so very much.

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