Saturday, June 19, 2010

The team went to Peru today. Mike said that the community had built a church out of sticks with woven reeds for the sides and a tin roof. He said it worked great.They are digging a latrine also. Mike and Nathan had a good meeting with the village elders. He talked with them about making the same type of building for the school we will be holding in the fall. He also talked with them about the need for good water. A lot of the children are sick. Mike said the children have to scoot down into a ravine to get water and it is not clean water. We would like to help them by digging a well, but not sure how to at this point. They also had a worship service and Mike felt like God was highlighting one women in particular. They found out that she was a prominent women in the community and a believer. She said, she had a daughter that was having abdominal pains and asked for prayer for her. Mike asked where she was. The women said at home, Mike said that they would go to her to pray. So they walked about a mile to this women's home. The daughter and granddaughter were there. They laid hands on them and prayed. Mike said it was a powerful time. She said that she felt like she was healed. So Mike asked that we continue to lift her up in prayer.
We try to think of fun things that the children and maybe the adult have never seen or tried before. The last trip the team cooked hamburgers for
the whole orphanage over an open fire. Tonight they taught them how to make Smore's. Mike said they all had a blast, even the adults.
As far as construction goes, they seem to think the 2nd phase of the orphanage building will be finished by the end of August or a little later. This is great news for the children. And we now have glass windows in our medical clinic. This will help them to keep the dust out and the bugs. YEAH!
Please pray for spiritual protection over the team. Nathan had a really bad headache on Friday, and Adam had a lot of leg pain, he said he had not done anything to cause it. Also Mike had a really bad headache after teaching in Peru, he almost never gets headaches, he prayed about it and then went to meet with Nathan, and as soon as he started talking to him he said it was gone. So the team would appreciate your prayers.
Tomorrow Nathan is going up to Peru to preach and taking the guys on the team with him. So please keep them in your prayers. Also Mike will be teaching tomorrow morning in Marose and the girls will be in Marose too. Please pray that God moves. Thanks for all your prayer. Blessings

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