Monday, June 21, 2010

Good news, Mike is better, he says he feels great, thank you so much for your prayers. We really appreciate them. He was able to teach at the pastors association and they want him to teach again tomorrow. They had a really good teaching time, a powerful prayer time, and a great worship time. Mike and Nathan will also spend time teaching the Good Shepherd Pastors tomorrow. Please pray for them.
The team spent the morning with the children, face painting and doing arts and crafts. They were also able to pass out shoes to many of the community children. Quite a few suitcases worth. A true gift, as many have no shoes. They even play soccer barefoot, and the men that go on our teams have a hard time keeping up with them. Most times the children win the matches :) Tonight they gave the orphanage children glow sticks, the children and the adults love them. They do not have anything like them in Haiti. It is hard for them to comprehend why they start glowing once they are bent. It is really fun to watch, such a simple thing that brings such joy.
Tomorrow the team will be able to go to market and visit our church in Gonaives. They will also be able to feed the poorest of the poor. I have shared about this in past e-mails. The first 250 children that get into the tin building get a meal that day, the rest will not. They just do not
have the ability to feed more. This is also an eye opening and heart breaking experience. Looking through western eyes we do not have a place to put what we see and experience. But it is such an incredible experience to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we feed these children. So please lift the team up as they come along side and help to feed the poor and needy.
Nathan was able to get all of the paper work approved in Port-au-Prince for the containers. But, they said he had to come back in a couple of days to pick the paperwork up. So the saga continues. God knows the timing, and has known all along. So please just keep praying for them.

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