Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello again,
I talked with Mike tonight, he said that today was a good day for the team. The feeding of the poor went well. Thanks for praying. The team was able to visit our Gonaives church and meet the pastor. They also were able to lay the water lines to the clinic and build a type of concrete basin, so that patients of the medical clinic can wash their hands, face and/or feet as necessary for the medical clinic. Many of them have traveled far to reach the clinic. The 2nd phase of the orphanage building is close to being finished on the outside, so today they started digging the foundation on the 3rd and last phase. They dig by hand and it requires pick axes, not just shovels. Please pray for the men digging out in the heat. Today Mike was able to gather all the workers in the orphanage, clothes washers, security guards, cooks, ect. The purpose was to thank and encourage them. He also met with and taught our Good Shepherd orphanage pastors. This went very well, again thanks for your prayers. The village of Marose has had some heavy and long rain storms, which Mike said is good for the land. Mike noticed that our land had not been planted for the season and other people had not planted either. He asked why and the answer he received was that the irrigation ditch which comes from the river had been broken when they were working on the road. It is a dirt road. Mike asked when it might be fixed. Everyone sounded like it probably would not be. It is hard to understand the acceptance of life in Haiti sometimes, but then our culture has been modeled and taught not to just accept things. We have seen change happen and wrongs righted when people rise up and refuse to accept circumstances. Because of this we have hope that things can be different, we have even come to expect and demand that they are different. Please pray that this is not a permanent problem, there is so little food in Haiti as it is. The meeting for moving ahead with becoming a licensed crèche, for adoption purposes was very productive. Mike says he has a lot of paperwork that he is bringing back to be filled out and translated into French. Tomorrow afternoon the team will head to Bercy.
Please pray for safe travel. Blessings,

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