Saturday, October 17, 2009

October team update

I talked to Mike, the forming up of the roof for concrete is going well. Please pray the steel for reinforcing arrives today. And that they are able to put in pipe work for the future electrical wiring. The women spent time organizing and stocking the medical clinic. Tomorrow they will hold a girls day meeting. They are expecting about 200 women from the community for this event. They have kits to pass out to all of them, thanks to many of you who have sewn them. Please pray for the teaching for girls day. I did not remember to ask Mike who would be translating, but my guess is either Herbie or Stenley, young Haitian men ( in their early 20's). Last time this proved to be both embarrassing and comical for Herbie. Tomorrow Nathan's grandfather goes into surgery for a hernia, we would really appreciate prayer coverage for him. Mike was able to spend time today talking with him and praying for him. A privilege. Thanks so much for your prayers they are greatly appreciated.

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