Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello again,
Just got off the phone with Mike. The team is doing really well. They had a great Sunday. Mike spoke at church in the morning. They had a great afternoon and then went to visit another church where Pastor Nathan was asked to share in the evening. Mike said they had a good alter call afterwards. Later on that evening they had a really good team meeting. A lot of real life was shared. They are spending a lot of bonding time with the children. Also the girl's day went well, they passed out about 150 girl's day kits. Today around 3:00 (1:00 our time) the pastors association meeting starts. Nathan, Mike and Kurt will be sharing. Please pray that Nathan, Mike and Kurt are lead by the holy spirit as they speak so they can really meet the needs of these pastors and truly bless them. Mike has done interviews with doctors the last few times he has gone to Haiti, in hopes of finding a doctor to run our newly built clinic.
He had a successful interview this trip. Starting in November we will have a Doctor coming one day a week to run our clinic. He is trained and a real doctor and a Christian. Praise God! We also have found a nurse who will act as both receptionist and nurse. Praise God, we have been looking for months. Also the doctor is willing to increase his days at the clinic as we increase funding for the medical clinic. A couple of other prayer needs are, for Denise one of our team members, she got a bug bite and has allergies to bug bites. It was red, painful and quit swollen last night. The team prayed over it and the swelling is gone, and a lot of the pain, but it is still red and hurts some.She would appreciate our prayers. Also tomorrow they will visit Emory, a friend of ours who has a feeding program in the poorest part of Gonaives about 20 to 30 mins. from us. They will also be helping them with some medical things, because he has a visiting medical team. This is something that you would thing would be easy. But it is not, it is very hard to be face to face with children starving. They take in the first 250 at the door of his tin building, the rest are turned away. It is hard to comprehend, in North America we just do not have a grid to place this on. It is one thing to see photos and read about it and quite another to be in the midst of that kind of suffering and be able to do so little to help.
Thank you so much for your prayers, they are so important and much needed. Blessings Chris

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