Tuesday, February 19, 2019


New Generation Ministries is designating 
Friday February 22nd, as a "Day of Prayer for Haiti" We are calling all people who care about the people of Haiti. Not for one side or the other, not one position or another. But for the people, the families, the children, the jobs, the food, the safety and security of the Nation of Haiti, to survive this assault of greed and corruption that is tearing the country of Haiti apart, and hurting and killing countless innocent people in the process. Please pray for peace and order to prevail for the sake of the innocent. 

We are asking you, and other ministries that you know of, to join with us in asking their followers, to keep Haiti in their prayers all throughout Friday February 22nd; that God would intervene by the power and authority of His Holy Spirit in the minds and hearts of the leaders, and people of influence, in Haiti.
We know that you care about God's children in Haiti, and have given your life as a living sacrifice for God's purposes in Haiti. That is why we are asking you to join spiritual hands in unity, as we call upon thousands of prayer warriors, supporters, child sponsors, and followers of Haiti ministries, to ask God to intervene in the chaos and corruption and bring peace and order to Haiti.

Ask in any way that you think most appropriate. No obligation to us at all. We know that a bigger voice on earth, will get more attention in Heaven!.......Amen   Please pass this on to as many as possible.


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