Friday, February 15, 2019

February 7, 2019


Hope you are staying warm in this late winter weather.  We will be leaving for sunny weather next week, Haiti :) The land of sun, but no electricity, internet or gas. We will be a small team. One of the things we are hoping to accomplish will be putting a roof on Dita’s House, our transitional girls home. This will be a combination of Canadians, Americans and Haitians working together. Also Mike will be teaching another Pastor’s Conference.

It has been so incredible watching these pastor’s walk out what they have been taught and especially walk out God’s calling on their lives. When we felt led to spend more time stateside then in Haiti, we believed that God was asking us to step back from the daily in Haiti and to go there every other month. From the very begining we felt like we were to be coaches. I likened it to being a Sunday school teacher and knowing there was someone who was to be teaching, but waiting for that person to come forward, and they never did, because there was no vacancy to fill. Then realizing that if you left the position, then there would be space for them to step forward into what God was calling them to do. We felt like our pastors were ready to step forward and we needed to step back and let them fill the vacancy. God has blessed this beyond our wildest dreams. Mike still communicates daily with Pastor Nathan and some of the others. He is writing new curriculum and teachings daily. And we are trying to increase the support stateside to help with the increase in Haiti. And God is sooo sooo good.

I am also hoping to hear more of the life changing stories, that I miss not being in Haiti daily. I am hoping to share them with you. Just after we return Mike will be taking another team on April 1st. A bit of a quick turn around this time.

We are also asking for prayer for Haiti. There is a huge manifestation planned tomorrow, Thursday morning starting at 10:00 am Haitian time, which is 7:00 am in Washington and British Columbia. Some say the manifestation is set to be three days long. It is very political in nature. There is a group that is trying to cause a coup against the president and his cabinet in Haiti. The opposition  consists of remnants of the Aristide regime. The current president of Haiti is trying to stop corruption at the government level and this is making the opposition angry, as they stand to lose a lot. Please pray for the country of Haiti. Pray for peace and pray that the current government will be able to remain strong and in power. The people of Haiti need a break. There are so many issues at the moment in Haiti, shortage of gas also being one of them. Which affects so many, as it is needed for so much for then driving cars. Many depend on gas for generators and pumps for water.  Please also pray for our team as we will be flying in 3 days after the manifestations. Thank you ahead of time for your prayers covering Haiti and our team.


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