Friday, February 15, 2019

February 12, 2019


We have decided to postpone our flight to Haiti by a couple of days. Instead of flying Tuesday evening we will be flying out Thursday evening. We were offered the change by Sea Tac airport. We are hoping a couple of more days will help both stateside, due to weather conditions and in Haiti, due to political unrest. 

Please lift up the people of Haiti in prayer. Manifestations usually do not leave the Port au Prince area or Arcahaie and Saint Marc, but there have been manifestations all over Haiti this past week. And, there have been some very violent ones in Gonaives also. Some are trying to over throw the current president. But there are many other problems hurting the people. The value of the Gourde keeps going lower and there is a shortage of fuel. Gourdes were 60 to 1$ American dollar when we first moved to Haiti. The gourde is now 82.54, giving the people less buying power then they had. For many this means they can not even buy food or essentials. There is a lot of fear and loss of hope. Please pray for peace, hope and the needs of the people. Please pray for us as we make travel decisions. Please pray for us for wisdom in how to best help.
Thank you for your prayers, we are so thankful for you.


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