Wednesday, October 5, 2016

October 4, 2016


Just lots of rain so far. Many news reports are saying it is past Haiti. It is not past us, it is not even to Gonaives yet. Friends in Port au Prince are saying it is in Port au Prince now.
We are 81.1 miles from Port au Prince, 2 hours and 31 mins. by car. We are just experiencing the beginnings of rain and wind. This is an extremely slow moving hurricane. 6 miles per hour, even though the winds within the hurricane are 140 to 155 miles per hour. So please, please keep praying. The people here along with us need God's mercy and grace. Most likely it will not clear us before morning. God is in control, just trying to have peace literally in the midst of the storm. We have so many we love and care about here. They are important to God and his work here in Haiti. We are praying He is somehow glorified in this storm, bringing more people to life in Him. We need you to keep pleading before Him for Haiti.


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