Thursday, October 27, 2016


I  am writing to share a story. It involves some dear friends of ours. As I have said in the past Mike has said we have been called to minister in Haiti, but in the rural areas, not the city. But sometimes I think God just smiles down on us and thinks, they haven't a clue what I am up too. Slowly more and more of our neighbors in the city, have been asking to know about Jesus. This story is about one of those families.

So the story begins during this past July. Kalano and his wife started asking questions about our family and our faith in Jesus. Mike answered the questions as they came and then one day he asked if they were interested in Jesus, why they did not go to a  church? Their answer was a common one, "everyone says we cannot go because we do not have any clothes nice enough for church". Mike told them that they could come to any of the churches in our ministry with Nathan, and they would be accepted, no matter what clothes they had on. 

They shared that they each have a child from another relationship, and that as we knew their youngest child was both of theirs. We assured them that God was a God of forgiveness and acceptance.They shared that they struggled to find jobs and that they felt their lives were a mess. Over the next day or two they decide that they wanted to give their lives to Jesus. Mike shared the life giving gospel message with them. They accepted Christ into their lives and asked if they could go to church with us. We said yes, even though we already have on average 12 to 13 of us in the truck going to church each Sunday. They went the next Sunday and loved it. They came forward for prayer, and the healing started.

 The next thing they asked was if they could get married so that they would be right with God. They were one of the couples in the group we married on September 3rd. They also started reading the bible. This is huge, as the wife has some education and can even speak some French. But, God is performing a miracle with Kalano. He is not educated and cannot read and write other then to sign his name. But in his hunger and passion to know God more, God in his mercy has allowed Kalano to read and understand the bible. He still can't read anything else. 

God has also given Kalano a passion to learn and a sense for business. A little while later, Kalano came and asked if he could open the boutique that came with our house. It has been closed since we moved into the house. It is a room about 6 feet by 8 feet. There are two 500 gallon water tanks above this little room, set up for a purified water business which has a window opening to the street to sell through. We decided to take a risk and invest in him to start a business selling food items, toiletries and purified water. He and his wife have been running it now for a little over a month and they are doing wonderful. They are so faithful and such hard workers. They share their struggles and ask how they can learn and grow in their marriage, family and life. They also share their dreams. It has been such an honor and blessing to be involved in their transformation. They are a very sweet couple and have become friends. We are so thankful for what God has done in their lives. Two weeks ago Francesca, the wife, shared her testimony in church. God is such a good God and it is truly a gift to be able to see him move in peoples lives. Please keep them in your prayers as they learn how to walk out the lives they have been called too.


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