Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hello again,

I am writing to keep you abreast of all that is going on here in Haiti. Sometimes God is moving quicker then I can keep you updated :) 

Since the Madame, Mariette, has given her life to Jesus we have had many salvation's. One of the salvation's was for another man who is a killer by profession. There have been 8 additional salvation's in the area which she lives. Also the other day two of the madame's nieces called Nathan and said because of the huge change in the madame, they too would like to give their hearts to God. People are coming and giving their hearts to Jesus without anything being said. God is just lovingly calling them to him. Please continue to pray for the Madame's husband, he still has not given his heart to the Lord. We continue to have interesting dialogue with him​. I actually like him a lot, God has given me a heart for him.  I am pretty sure that he is really close to giving his heart to Jesus. Also, please keep praying for the Madame as she adjusts and learns how to live a new life. She is having a hard time with no income, loss of possessions, loss of friends, a community that is embracing her with caution and her not understanding how to walk out her day now. It is almost like learning how to walk again in the spiritual realm. 

One of the very cool results of her transformation is the fulfillment of a prophecy.  Back in May of 20ll, when we first felt called to minister in Pass Rein, the madame told Mike and Nathan that she would give them a piece of her property on the top of the hill by the voodoo camp. She never followed through with it, as she meant it as a manipulation tool, and because Nathan and Mike did not want to join forces with her, so it never materialized. Mike has felt ever since, that the ministry was supposed to have the land, that it was really the Lord's land. Well, now that she is saved she has come back to Nathan and Mike and said she wants the ministry to have the land again. Nathan feels like we are supposed to have a prayer and worship time on the land and drive a stake into the ground claiming it for Jesus, much like we did in the voodoo camp many years ago and like we did on the soccer field about a year ago. Prayers are huge, they move mountains, they move hearts, thank you ever so much for yours.

On another note we need your prayers for safety and mercy for us and the people of Haiti, as hurricane Matthew heads our way. Last night it became a category 5 hurricane, changing back into a 4 this morning. So far it is in line with Jamaica, with parts of it moving along the west coast of Haiti, right where we are ministering. It is supposed to hit Sunday night. Haiti is still recovering from previous hurricanes and earthquakes, because of deforestation and poverty dwellings Haiti will not fair well if hit with a category 4 or 5 hurricane. Please pray for mercy and protection. Right across the street from our home, literally about 6 feet from us, are the remains of a home destroyed in the the 2008 hurricane. There are many scattered though out our neighborhood. I will post a photo. We really need your prayers. 


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