Tuesday, August 23, 2016


We wanted to send an update on our team in Haiti. The team flew into Haiti the day after I arrived back in Haiti, so it has taken me a few days to get caught up. They are doing wonderful. 

The team arrived Friday evening and spent Saturday playing with the children and introducing themselves at the pastors conference. They also planned out the project they are working on. We have been needing new tables and chairs in our Children's Village dinning room for a while now. So the team is making picnic tables that are ultra strong and ultra balanced. The team has paired up with older boys in our Children's Village to teach the boys a building skill. Together with the boys they made a prototype today, Tuesday, and then had all the older boys sit on one side of the table with the attached benches and tested out the safety and strength. The table passed the test. The team and boys now have all the pieces cut for assembling the rest of the tables. We are so excited for the children to begin using them.

On Sunday the team went to Marose for church and then to Pass Rein for part of the 50 days in Pass Rein crusade.
​They enjoyed the worship and ministry time very much. Please continue to pray for this crusade as there have been many salvations and healings taking place. 

For the first half of the day Monday, the team went to Poteou for a women's conference.​ Then they worked on the picnic tables again. 

Today, Tuesday the team went into the market in Gonaives and spent some time learning some history and culture. Tonight they are attending bible study in Marose. 

Tomorrow night the team will be back in Pass Rein attending the 50 days in Pass Rein crusade. Mike will be sharing that evening and would appreciate prayers for open hearts. Please also lift the team up in prayer as they minister and seek God while here in Haiti. The fruit from the 50 days has been so amazing, in a week and a half we will be having 15 couples getting married during the same ceremony. Two of the couples are neighbors of ours, and we are so thrilled they are making this commitment. Thanks to your prayers God is stirring the hearts here in Haiti.

I will share more, later this week, thank you ever so much for partnering with us in prayer.


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