Sunday, August 28, 2016


The team has arrived home safely, thank you for your prayers, I posted some photos on the blog. One of the photos is of the tables they made with the older boys. Two are of the kids in soccer pinnies that the team brought to help the kids tell who is on which team when they are playing on the field. The team also made treats for the children, which is something the children look forward too. It has been fun for the children to experience new treats from the teams. 

Now for the Wow! Praise Jesus part. We had the parade in Pass Rien yesterday. There were about 400 of us marching along with the marching band. We marched about 5 miles each direction. It was hot, but a lot of fun. After marching the first 5 miles, we came to a small school compound and spent some time worshiping before praying and then marching back. After the worship time Nathan asked if anyone wanted to give their life to the Lord and a women came forward and gave her life to Jesus. Then a mama carried her son piggy back from across the street. Nathan asked me to pray for the little boy with him, a pretty normal thing we do. I asked him his name and he said it was Samuel. I asked his age and he said he was 8 years old. I asked the mama what he needed prayer for and she showed us that he was paralyzed, he could not walk. I was feeling pretty unworthy that day and just asked God to heal this little boy for the boys sake and for the sake of glorifying God Himself. It breaks my heart that children have to go through hard things, but it breaks my heart even more here in Haiti, where there is no resources to help them and most people are against them, simply from a lack of understanding and fear. So here we are praying for this little one in the middle of a crowd of 400 plus people, most christian, some not. And Jesus heals him, we lift the little boy up by his hands for a minute then ask him to walk and he does very shakily. HE WALKS! WOW! PRAISE GOD! Everyone broke out into praise!  It was almost unbelievable, almost, but we saw it with our own eyes! God is so over the top good. I will post a photo of him with Mike on the blog, remember you can access it by clicking on the blog link below.

We start a week long crusade tonight in Pass Rein, please keep supporting us with your prayers. They are making a difference. Praising God!

Blessings, Chris

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