Sunday, September 6, 2015



We wanted to thank all of you so very much for coming along side of us and fasting and praying for the Madame (witch doctor) and the crusade in Pass Rien. Your responses were encouraging and faith building. One of our friends is a Christian medical doctor and he felt like it was fitting for him to fast and pray, Christian doctor vs. witch doctor. Another one of our friends was having his birthday party and during the party had everyone stop and spend time in prayer. Another couple are vacationing in Europe and said they would spend time in prayer. So many of you were willing to give of yourselves.

The response of the Madame I do not know as of yet, but God does :) I do know the Holy Spirit moved powerfully last night. I will let you know as soon as I know more. 

The response during the crusade was huge, your prayers moved kingdoms. We worshiped together first for a couple of hours. Then Mike preached. Near the end of his sermon a stake was driven into the ground claiming the soccer field for Jesus. This field has been used as a military type training ground for voodoo, and last night it was being claimed for Jesus. Then everyone at the crusade marched all over the field singing worship songs and claiming the ground for God. They marched and sang for over 1/2 hour. It was an amazing sight, seeing Christians marching together for Jesus felt like a glimpse into heaven. So very POWERFUL. After everyone finished marching, 13 young adults came forward and gave their lives to the Lord. So far this week there have been 38 salvations during the crusade. 

This morning before we went to church 5 people who were not at the crusade called Nathan and asked what the white stake,with Jezi (Jesus) written on it was all about? It had not even been 12 hours yet! Thank you so very much for your sacrificial prayers and fasting.

Today, Mike felt like God was saying that Pass Rien was like a lamp stand to put a lamp on. A lamp stand where His light will shine from. His children do not get to chose the lamp stand. He chooses the lamp stand, and He has chosen Pass Rien. 

Tonight is the last night of the crusade, we would appreciate your prayer once more.


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