Friday, September 4, 2015

Prayer and fasting needed


A quick note to ask for prayers and fasting today (Saturday). Today I am going to be fasting for the madame (witch doctor) in Pass Rien. I normally would not share with anyone that I am fasting, but I would like it if you would join me. She has caused so many problems in Pass Rien and she is fighting against us, Nathan, his family, the ministry and the village of Pass Rien. I believe that Jesus wants her heart, would you please help by praying and fasting for her with us? I would love it if you would respond with a quick yes or something, so I know we are going to battle over her soul together. Jesus promises when two or more are gathered He hears our prayers.

We are so thankful for your prayers for the crusade, Thursday 5 more people accepted Jesus into their heart. Last night 5 women were delivered and many, many came forward for prayer. We also found out that voodoo witch doctors use this same soccer field Nathan felt called to hold the revival on, for practicing and teaching voodoo. They use the field like they would for military training. So tonight when Mike preaches we are going to ask the 700 plus attendees to help drive a stake in the ground for Jesus. We are going to be asking everyone to walk all over the property area and claim the ground back for God. Again, we would love it if you would agree in prayer together with us tonight. We need the power of prayer together to accomplish this. I wish you could be here standing with us, but we know God will honor your prayers to see his kingdom come to this area of Pass Rien. Thank you so, so much.


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