Thursday, September 3, 2015


We wanted to update you on what is happening in Haiti. We have a huge revival going on in Pass Rein each night this week, through Sunday. We are holding this revival down the road about a mile from the church in a dirt soccer field, so that there is more room for the community to attend. Last night we had about 700 people. Typically each night more people attend. Please pray for the revival to reach new people in the community. We have had 21 salvation's so far. Revivals at Pass Rein are so much fun, everyone loves to worship and last night was no exception. You see people from every walk of life and every age. They bring blankets for the children to sleep on when they get tired. Last night it I was so blessed as I worshiped, a little ways in front of me I watched a little old women, she looked like she was at least 90 years old, but probably she was closer to 70 years old. She was dressed in a moo moo,  had a scarf on her head and held a walking stick. She was pretty bent over. But as worship progressed she started dancing for God and singing with everything she had. As she was lifting her arms up to praise God she was swinging her walking stick. That stick was just an extension of her dancing. She was so precious. I was so worried she would topple over, but I should have know her Jesus was holding her up. After that song ended, she stooped over and walked slowly, carefully back to her chair. I know she blessed God's heart, she had given her all. So precious and sweet, she didn't care what others thought, she was giving her gift to her Savior. And that was most likely after walking to the revival for a mile or so over rough terrain. I want to be like her when I grow up :)

Thank you so much for your faithful support, we depend on your prayer support.


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