Monday, February 16, 2015

January 13, 2015


  Today, January 12th marks the 5th anniversary of one of the most devastating and destructive events in world history. The Haiti Earthquake.... The sudden shaking of Haiti that destroyed most of it's capitol, Port-Au-Prince, left hundreds of thousands of people homeless, and children orphaned. It took the lives of almost 300,000 innocent people. Many of you remember the horrific news pictures and the immediate pleas for help from this poor country. 
    Now 5 years later, most of the world has forgotten, or assumed that all things have been fixed or restored. Unfortunately, this is not so.... Many of the people of Haiti still to this day, live in rubble, or tent slums, or orphanages because of the earthquake and are desperately waiting for the relief to come.
    Your have helped New Generation Ministries bring long term, sustainable programs that will educate, train, and equip the Haitian people to rise above their helpless condition and achieve the life God intended for them. Planting Life-Giving Churches, Setting up free Christian Schools and The Good Shepherd Children's Village, offering Medical Care, and many other life-giving programs. Is there really hope for Haiti......YES, and the fruit of the presence of God is showing itself in miraculous ways. Hundreds are coming to know Jesus as their savior, getting delivered, baptized, even married. Transformation is before our very eyes. YES, there is much hope for Haiti, and you are helping it happen. Thank You so much and please continue to pray and contribute towards the relief that Haiti is waiting for.....




Hope your holidays were wonderful. We are so thankful for all of you, your prayers, support and encouragement. We have enjoyed seeing many of you while we have been back. Mike has been preaching and we have been sharing with many. We still have more speaking engagements and meetings, hoping to see as many of you as possible. 

This trip has been especially fun, as we have been able to see things through new eyes. Both Lydia and Jonathan, (their new English names, traditionally we have kept their Haitian names for their middle names), have been so fun to be with, as they take in so many things we take for granted. One of Jonathan's first comments was "how come the cars are all so clean". They have been excited over things as simple as bubble baths, and moving dental chairs and also over more complicated things, like the Seattle Monorail and skyscrapers. Just the airplane flights getting here were amazing to each of them. They have never seen grocery stores, large churches, malls, freeways, so many new things, some of them so weird if you think about them, like the produce department having the sound of thunder and then raining on the vegetables, machines that blow warm air into your home, machines that wash and dry your clothes or dishes. So many things we do not even notice. Ferry boats, dogs as pets, coats, mittens, Christmas trees, the list is so long. Thank you to all who prayed for our family and visa's. It could have turned out so different, but God prevailed. 

Please continue to pray for the Children's Village and our Good Shepherd Ministry in Haiti, along with Pastor Nathan. Your prayers would also be appreciated as Mike shares and preaches here in Washington, In both places please pray for hearts to be connected to Jesus and the Holy Spirit to be present.


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