Monday, February 16, 2015

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks. I will try to catch you up on a few things and then I have a story to share. 

First of all Mike made it back to Haiti safe and sound, thank you for praying for him. 

We also had a small team of two this past week. Alice who's husband and adult son have been to Haiti with us before, wanted to come and experience Haiti for herself. Her mother, Ruth also came. The day they arrived there were protests because the prices of gas have not lowered, even though they have in most parts of the world. Because of the protests Mike could not get to the airport in Port-au-Prince to pick them up. Nathan's wife's brother, Pastor Jeremiah picked them up and they spent the first day with his family. Mike said they made it up to the orphanage the next day and spent time holding children and playing with them. One of the days they made valentines with the children. They also did glo-sticks and special snacks with the children one evening. On another day they cleaned and organized our medical clinic.  Which we GREATLY appreciate. They flew back out Saturday morning. 

Tomorrow we will have another small, two person team leaving for Haiti. Josh and his friend will be filming footage for a Logo's software video and they will be taking footage for a video for our ministry as well. Please pray for safe travel for them, and for all of their gear to arrive safely. Also for creativity and a clear understanding of the heart of what God is doing in Haiti.

Now for the story, while were stateside for the holidays this year, four more children joined our Children's Village. Three boys and a girl. All of the children are from different families. The unusual part is that two of the children are  handicapped, but they are from different families. ​Both of the children were abandoned in Pass Rein. Some of the people from the church in Pass Rein came to Nathan and told him the children had been left to survive on their own. The little girl is about 6 years old, she is unable to use her legs. She uses her arms and her torso to get around. The little boy is about 3, he also is unable to use his legs, but he does not have the strength in his arms to get around and he is unable to even sit up by himself. In the US or Canada their situation would be difficult, but in Haiti they will not be able to survive without help. Our Children's Village is not handicap accessible, we are on a sloping hill. But we felt that what we had to offer, was better then how they were living. One of the men on staff has built the little boy a chair without legs, so he can sit upright part of the day. Mike said they both have really sweet spirits and he is trying to evaluate what would be best for them. Haiti is not a society that puts a high value on the handicapped. Lack of education and fear play huge parts into the future of children like these two. But, GOD DOES VALUE THEM. Please pray with us as we try to decide what is best for these children. Please pray for discernment and wisdom. We are uncertain at this point how long they will be with us. We would like to model compassion, as well as try to show a bit of God's heart toward them. We would appreciate some of you, who God is tugging at your heart strings right now, to commit to praying for them on a daily basis. We would also appreciate it if some of you would be willing to help support an extra care taker for them. We also need and would appreciate some of you who are willing to pray for wisdom for us and a worker to discern the avenue of best care for them, as there are no services or assistance in Haiti for the handicapped. At this point we really need to discern what part God is calling both you and us to play in their little lives. Only God knows their stories. I will try and post their photos on the blog. Thanks for all you do for us, the ministry and the little ones in Haiti. 


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