Sunday, November 9, 2014

November Team


I know we have sent out quite a few emails lately, but I wanted to share about what's going on with the team that is here. They have had a short whirlwind trip. They started with a board meeting in Port-au-Prince, for three days. The team traveled up north for a day, then they came to our children's village. So in 4 short days, they have spent time with the children, passed out glow sticks and have taken photo's. I mention the photos because Terry already has over 1100 photos on HIS camera, he is a bit over the top as far as photos go, those of you who know me, know I am the same. I had over 60 photos hanging on the walls in my home in Lynden when we lived there. I love photos. The team also spent the first day seeing all the projects we have going in Marose, and catching the vision of the future projects.

On Friday their second day, the team spent the morning visiting Perou. In the evening they traveled to Pass Rein for a church service. Nathan led worship and Mike taught. It was a good evening.

Saturday morning the team visited our Poteau church to see the Awana program. Later that morning Greg, Terry and Leo each had a turn to speak into the lives of our Good Shepherd pastor's during our pastor's conference. Later in the day the team visited us at our daughter's house to see the boys transitional home. Greg has a good relationship with both Junior(David) and Altine, so he wanted to see where they are living now. Afterwards, they visited Gonaives for the evening. Gonaives is a different place in the evening then in the morning. Greg and Mike bought some street food, which is a fun cultural experience. I love the manje lari, (street food), especially the BBQ chicken which comes smothered in onions, and a special hot sauce along with bannann fri and ponmdete (fried plantains and potatoes). The stand we usually buy from, knows Mike really likes the hot sauce and usually gives him some extra in a bottle.

Today, Sunday, the team is heading back to Port-au-Prince to fly out, please pray for safe and on time travel. We really enjoyed having them, although Mike and Greg never went on the moto (motorcycle) ride that they have been wanting to do. I will post a team photo on the blog.

I will also post photos on the blog of Altine, the first boy to transition from the Children's Village to our daughter and her family's transitional home. We are really proud of him. He is in 11th grade. They have a total of 13 grades in Haiti, before you can move on to University. We are enjoying living here with him and Junior(David) as part of our family, while our daughter Rebecca and her family are stateside fund-raising for a bit. It has been challenging though to say the least, home schooling my 5 children and Junior. They range from first grade to 6th grade, with three of them in multiple grade levels due to their past education and their level of understanding English.

Thank you for reading our prayer partners and praying, many blessings,


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