Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 1, 2014

Hi again from Mike on this "Orphan Sunday' weekend. We at New Generation Ministries are trying to use this designated "orphan Sunday" weekend to bring much needed awareness to the plight of the vulnerable children in Haiti and around the world. Millions of children in every country are in need of your prayers and your help. "We want to bring to you the revelation of the heart of God for these children." We want you to be aware of the needs they have and how easy it would be for you to help. New Generation Ministries is;
  • Providing Safe, Healthy Care for 55 Orphans
  • Providing Christian Education to 1,150 Students
  • Providing Medical Care Clinic for the area
  • Providing Jobs and Job Training 
  • Providing Food and Clean Drinking Water 
  • Providing Adult Education
  • Providing Life Giving Churches
  • Providing Good Haitian Leaders
  • Providing Life Giving Community Conferences
You can help us reach these children by sponsoring one or more of them to receive help from the list above, plus the deep satisfaction of giving such a wonderful gift to a child, who has absolutely no way to pay you back, other then by becoming healthy, growing, flourishing, and blossoming into the greatness of what God has planned for them............ Mike

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