Friday, April 11, 2014


The team is doing well. Thank you for your prayers.They spent all day Wednesday giving eye exams to the children in the children's village and some of the Marose community.  It has been amazing watching some of the older people in the community, who have known eye sight problems walk out of the Children's Village with huge Cheshire cat grins on their face, because they CAN SEE. Can you imagine hardly  being able to see, and then someone changing that. Sometimes I am so amazed at what we don't have as struggles in North America. 

Wednesday the team also did crafts with the children and spent a lot of time worshiping with them. The children absolutely love to worship. In the early evening the team climbed the mountain behind the children's village for devotions.

Thursday the team went go into Gonaives, to the open market. They spent some time seeing some of the history of Haiti and the Gonaives area. They worked on different projects during the day. One of the projects was spreading a new load of sand under the swing set and monkey bars. The second project was mixing concrete for a new pad under the propane tanks for the kitchen. The third project was painting the Lord's prayer around the dining room near the ceiling. We have been slowly trying to paint scriptures in each room in the Children's village. It is something that has been on my heart for a long time. In the evening the team gave out glow sticks, which as always was a big hit. 

Today the team will be visiting our school in Perou and holding an eye clinic in Perou for the community. Please pray that they are able to help the people who need it most. Sometimes so many come for help, and the needs are so great, it is hard to know who needs help the most. We also will be going to all night prayer and worship in Pass Rein. Please pray that God moves hearts. 

That's all for now.  Thank you so much for your prayers. We could not keep going with out them. 


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