Saturday, April 12, 2014

I am sending this e-mail out as a prayer request. We try to buy most things for the ministry here in Haiti. But sometimes there are some items that we can only buy stateside. Sometimes items are to large to go on the airlines. In these cases we ship them in a container. When we know we are going to ship a container we then send out requests for other donated items in which to fill the container up with, so we utilize the space well. We just sent one container yesterday. A 40 ft container is allowed to weigh up to 55,000 lbs. if it is going to be trucked, more if it is going by rail. When loading a container containing 55,000 lbs. of goods it can be difficult to judge the total weight. Yesterday we were over by a bit, which meant unpacking quite a bit of the container in order to off load items we were willing to go with out. Items that were heavy enough also to make up the weight difference. This leads to difficult logistics when you have machines lined up for lifting the container onto a semi truck trailer and you have a truck driver waiting, and most men able to volunteer to help with the unloading are still at work during the middle of the day. The trucking stateside is just the beginning of the process. It still needs to get to the docks in Florida, and then be put on a barge for Haiti. When it lands on the docks in  Port-au-Prince, there is duty, inspections and then trucking to get it to our Children's village. A long process, with a lot of possibilities for corruption along the way. Because of the rough start yesterday, we were reminded that we really need to be praying each container through the process more diligently. It is not a matter of waiting and it will get there eventually. It really is a God matter to have everything pass and receive the items here.  So we are asking if you would please pray for this container. It is a 6 to 8 week process. 

The team spent time today ministering to the pastors of our Good Shepherd churches. They also ministered to our nanny's.  This evening they had different game stations and activities set up for the children, which was followed by chante' (singing), devotions and culminated in a party for the April birthday's. Brooklyn, one of the team member's celebrated her 11th birthday with them. The team prayed for all the children in the Children's village and then the children prayed for the team. A great evening. 

Tomorrow the team will be leading worship, sharing and performing a skit at the Marose church. Please pray that the Spirit of God moves. Thank you so much for partnering with us in prayer.


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