Saturday, February 22, 2014

The team is here and doing great. They went to the river with the children today. The children love swimming with the teams. The river is getting low though, and it is becoming harder to find places to swim in. The rainy season starts soon though. We had our first rain in months last Wednesday evening.

Walt and Bev spent time today making balloon animals for the children. Some of the children did their own balloon twisting. A few managed to get their balloons untied and filled with water and tied back up again. They all had a lot of fun. 

Right before the team and children went to the river I slipped in water and fell while carry one of the little girls. I held on to her, but she bonked her head on the ceramic tile as I went down. We are both fine, but as a result she did not want to go to the river. So we planted up 5 pots of flowers together and then shared a soda 'WITH A PIECE OF ICE" while sitting on the ceramic tile on the porch and watched all the activity going on. She is only 4 years old:)  We both enjoyed our little time together.

....And thanks to a very thoughtful loving friend I now have help with my laundry, sweeping and mopping. We have been asking for someone to help for months. And I have had a friend willing to support this. After much waiting Nathan has found someone to help me. I have had help for a little over a week and everything seems to be going well. It is much appreciated by my helper and I :) She is living in the room with our oldest girls, and acts bit like a mama for them. So it gives her a place to live and some income and it helps me. It is a win, win. 
Please remember to pray for Mike as he teaches at Poteou tomorrow and for Nathan as he teaches in Pass Rein. Pray the Holy Spirit moves. Thanks so much. 

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