Friday, February 21, 2014

I am pleased to be writing to you using half way installed satellite internet. It is hard wired at the moment. Tomorrow, we have been told it will be wireless :)

We have not had internet since I sent out the prayer request for Dustin and Melissa and their baby. So I am thrilled to be writing to let you know that God has answered your prayers. It was thought Melissa might have preeclampsia. She had some of the symptoms. But she reported.... "it worked!!!!!:) No preclampsia! And my blood pressure has continued to look good the last few days!!!Praise God!" ....Thank you so very much for your prayers. She has just short of two weeks to go before her due date. Please keep praying for her blood pressure. 

Today we also have a team of four traveling here. Prayer would greatly be appreciated. Nathan picked the team up and it has taken 3 hours to get as far as we usually get in 1 hour. They normally would have 2 hours of travel left. But at the rate they are able to drive it may be more like 6 hours.Traffic is extremely bad due to Carnival being in Gonaives in a week and two days. It is carnival for the whole country, which will make traffic, market, and working very difficult. We have been told it also brings in a higher level of crime. Carnival is similar to Mardi Gras, with a lot of voodoo mixed in. It starts around 4:00 each evening, with the intense parts starting at 9:00 pm and lasting to the early morning hours. Please pray for safety and protection. We will be having our son Jacob arriving Monday. Please pray for his safe travel also. 

On another note of praise, Nathan was asked to preach at a different church the other night and 70 people came forward for prayer. God is amazing. People were set free, healed and experienced salvation.

We are having a prayer revival at the Poteau church this week. Mike preached last night and tomorrow night Nathan will lead worship. Mike will also preach on Sunday and there will be a big celebration after church. Please pray for God to move and for hearts to be touched. 

Blessings and many thanks,

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