Friday, July 19, 2013

Chosen for Haiti's pilot Awana International Children's Ministry program


The team is doing great. Yesterday we went into Gonavies and visited another friends ministry. They have a school and medical clinic and they have English and Creole classes. They also have a ministry that teaches Haitian women business practices. The artisan women's business part of the ministry is called 2nd Story Goods, this is where we get the angels, jewelry, journals etc. that we have at our fundraiser events. The products are made by local artisan women's groups and the proceeds go back to them and they are taught how to put some aside for future business and how to reinvest some of it in materials so they can continue to make these products to support themselves and their families. We believe in them and like to support them. We had dinner with them and Emory cooked shrimp, one of my favorite foods. What a blessing. 

Today the team made play-doh for the children. They have also been going to the nightly revival in Marose. Tonight we will have church in Pass Rein as usual and we will have all night prayer and worship in Marose. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for both. 

As I have mentioned before our ministry has been chosen as one of two ministries in Haiti to be part of the Awana International Children's Ministry pilot program. So today we picked up the team. They will start the training tomorrow morning. The first session is more general and will involve representatives from our association of churches, plus a few other churches. We are expecting 60 to 70 people. Then on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we will have a smaller leadership team of about a dozen receive more intense training. Please pray for the team teaching and for the Haitian's attending. Pray for good communication and understanding. We feel so very blessed to be a part of this program, there is very little offered in Haiti that is specifically for children. This program has the potential to touch the lives of over 1000 children with the Gospel in the first year alone.

Tomorrow evening we will be showing a children's film. This will be the second time. We have been using them as encouragement for choosing right. The first one was to encourage the children to study for the final school exams. Only 5 children were not able to see the movie. And out of 67 children in our children's village, 7 of them were the top in their class/grade. Considering the school in Marose has 400 students in it, that is very good. 

I have some other stories I will share tomorrow. This is already pretty long. Thank you for all of your prayers and comments. I love hearing from each of you. 

Many blessings,

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