Monday, July 8, 2013

Hope your are all enjoying your summer. One of the last events Mike attended before returning to Haiti was the "Mission Store" put on by Bob and Rose. It was a great success. Mike enjoyed being able to connect with many friends during the "Mission Store". I will try and put a photo of the evening on the blog. As usual, you can access the blog by clicking on the link below. 
God is still really moving in Pass Rien. Last Friday was "all night prayer and worship", Pastor Nathan felt like God wanted him to preach about walking with Christ as a life style. On Sunday morning Mike had prepared a message, but during worship he felt like God asked him to share that God was challenging the people to move forward and "not go back." He shared the story of Moses leading the people out of slavery and bondage in Egypt. He shared that God let the Red Sea wash over their sins and their enemies. He also supplied all their needs as they journeyed with Him. But not all the people went, and some of the people wanted to go back. Just like God's people coming out of Egypt, God wanted the people of Pass Rien to follow Him and not return back to their old ways. God moved Sunday and many made commitments to follow Jesus and to continue to walk strong. Mike never did get to the message that he prepared, another time and place :)

God is also really moving in Marose. What started as a one week revival is now beginning its fourth week. This week Mike will be preaching Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please pray that God gives him direction as he 
teaches, and pray for the peoples hunger and thirst to be increased for Jesus. 

On Thursday we have a small team arriving. Please pray for  safe travel and for their time here in Haiti. I believe that when teams come, it is not so much what they can do for Haiti, but more about what God is trying to teach or show them while they are here in Haiti. I believe that God uses the time we set aside for Him to speak to us and give us direction and clarity as to what He created us for. So thank you for your prayers ahead of time. 


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