Thursday, July 11, 2013

I just wanted to write and share some of what is happening here in Haiti. Life continues to be an adventure. A lot of the men who work here just cannot figure me out, I do not fit in their view of what a women does. They continue to not believe me when I look for zuti, (tools). Some will help me find what I am looking for, some just sit there not believing that I really want the tool I am trying to find. It has actually become a fun challenge for me to find what I need in the generator room and use the tool. One example was I had drilled holes in my kitchen wall (they are concrete) and then I needed to replace the rechargeable battery pack so that I could continue with my project, which was a 24" x 36" board that I had covered in photos of friends. It looks like a collage. I asked for the battery pack that was already charged and the first guy just sat there and looked at me. I know enough words that I could explain. The second guy figured it out and by passed the other one and got it for me. Then when I was ready to hang it, I needed two short screws (vis). Screws are hard to find in Haiti, they still use nails for everything. When one of the guys who helps came to see exactly what I needed, he looked at the board, the wall, the photos, the wire and said you already did all this work? Women here do traditional women's work, they don't climb 8 foot ladders to get on top of 40' containers to get a good photo of the orphanage. They don't know that you shut the water off before working on plumbing, they don't go into the lumber area and pick out the piece of plywood they want. Anyway enough about me. I hope some of my stories make you smile. It is a different world down here and God has been amazing.

I could use prayer for learning the language. I have over 300 words down now and there have been many times that I say something in creole and I get the wrong answer or I am stared at like I am from outer space. The last couple of weeks the translator that teaches me creole has been in another room or around the corner when I have tried to communicate with someone and has said that I have said the question or statement great, the problem is not me. So now I guess I need to get past the hurdle of disbelief that I can speak:) I also need to greatly build my vocabulary.

We want to thank all of you for your prayers for the revival in Marose also. The revival is still going on, the people are so hungry they are coming to church every night, sometimes for 2 1/2 hours, sometimes for as long 5 1/2 hours. God has been really moving hearts. We have seen many healings and salvation's. Last night there were three major healings, and tonight seemed to be leadership and salvation night. God is just so amazing.

We are starting 43 nights of revival in Pass Rein, although they haven't stopped meeting nightly yet, but the focus is different. So for a bit the two revivals will be back to back. Pass Rein will start at 5'oclock and Marose 8:30 or 9 o'clock. Please once again lift these two churches up to God. Continue to pray for the madame's heart in Pass Rein also. We are really enjoying the relationships we are developing with the community of Pass Rein.

The July team is flying as I write this note, so please continue to pray for them, they will arrive in Port-au-Prince around noon tomorrow and then travel north to our children's village. Mike is spending the night half way to Port-au-Prince, he will pick up the team tomorrow. Nathan  preached and did worship in Marose and he and I are holding down the children's village here. God has been amazing in working transitions and adjustments out. In some ways it feels like we have lived here for years. It feels like home. I am listening to a Newsboy song called "Lord, I don't know" It talks about the peace that passes understanding and that He holds us in His presence. I know these words taken from scripture to be true. Again, thank you to all who have been praying for us.


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