Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello from Haiti,
I have been off line for about 5 days now. Finally have the wireless up and running again. Praise God!

Lots has happened, so I will try to catch you up. First an amazing event happened this Sunday. An answer to many of your prayers. The Madame, the most controlling witch doctor in Pass Rien, came to church. She has not given her life to the Lord yet as far as I know. But she came and sat through church. Please pray that she opens her heart to Jesus. God is SO AMAZING!!!!!!

Next, the children and I could really use prayers as we now have 7 more boys with the mumps. I really do not know how I will be able to handle 67 cases of the mumps. And the more children with the mumps, the higher the chance of complications. Please pray!!!!!!

As many of you know Mike has been in America for the month of June. My daughter Rebecca and her son were able to stay with me part of the month. She did a ton of women's bible study teaching and helped minister to all of the children. They traveled to Port-au-Prince Sunday and will fly out tomorrow. Please pray for safe travel for them. Also please pray for the adjustment back home. She has been in Haiti 3 of the last 4 months. Haiti is where her heart is and it is really hard for her to leave. Please also pray for me as I am flying solo again. The only blanc in Marose :)

I have a couple of stories to tell also. The first one is another shopping adventure. My driver and helper in the market got into the truck with me this week, then he looked on my lap and saw a water spicket with plumbers tape on it and got a big Cheshire cat grin on his face and started to laugh. I speak very little creole and he speaks very little english, so communication is tricky, but his expression said 1000 words. I am sure he thought "oh no here we go again". Most of my list was repeat items, things for the children in our children's village, so no problem there. The propane gauge and hose were a bit of a problem, but once I found a small propane tank I could use charades to be understood. The problem was the spicket. I brought it because I needed the plumbers tape that was on it, not the spicket. First they thought I wanted a spicket even though I said it was the tape I wanted, I used the creole word for tape and the creole word for the color of tape I wanted. I am married to a contractor. I know painters tape is blue, electrical tape is black and plumbers tape is white. I even went to the small section of plumbing pvc pipes. They brought me clear scotch tape, clear packing tape and beige masking tape. I showed them the black electrical tape and asked for white in creole. They said they did not have it. We walked back to the truck and I tried one more time to explain to my helper that it was the white tape and not the spicket I needed in my broken creole. He got it. I tried to explain they had to have it, as they had plumbing supplies. We both turned around and walked back. We both tried to explain this time and the man looked at me and said in creole "oh you want teflon?" Every once in a while the creole word is an english word, go figure, I walked away with my plumbers tape. A bonus on this shopping trip was seeing the president of Haiti speaking. We were no more than 20 feet from him. Something that would never have been possible in the US.

We are in the middle of three weeks of nightly church services in Marose and the Holy Spirit is really moving. Please pray for the hearts of the people in Marose. I will share some of the stories in my next e-mail.

For now I will close I have more stories, but it is almost Midnight here, thank you so much for all of your prayers.
I sooooooooooo appreciate them. 

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