Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hello again,

We wanted to let everyone know that my daughter Becca is back down here for three and a half weeks, with my grandson. She is teaching women's bible study again and would love your prayers. Some of the village communities have really connected with her. Some of them no longer consider her an outsider, but one of them. This was evident when she taught this time in Pass Rien. It has been hot and very humid here because of the rainy season. So when she finished teaching this time, the women asked her if she would come bathe with them to cool off. This was a huge compliment. It meant they viewed her as a close friend. It also showed they knew she was comfortable with them. She knew that the area where they would bathe would be visible to the men working on the foundation for the church building. She declined saying that the machine was coming to pick her up soon. She was blessed to know that they were comfortable with her and wanted to do daily life with her. Please continue to keep her and the women she is ministering to in your prayers, many of them are the leaders of the women in their communities.

Today I was so blessed by Nathan and the children and staff here at the children's village. They had a surprise birthday party for me. They sang songs, prayed for me, hung flowers up and presented me with a decorative pin and a birthday cake. Nathan played the accordion. Some of the children sang solos, some sang as a group. Some just shared.They all gave me a hug and told me happy birthday or something. It was amazing, I am so blessed to have all of these children. I also received calls and texts from my children back home whom I miss very much. All in all in was a great day, thank you so much for all of your prayers. They are helping. 

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